How can I pay?

We offer the following payment methods in the Trendy Label online shop:

• Pay by invoice

• PayPal

• Credit Card Purchases: Visa, Mastercard

• Pre-payment




When choosing a payment method provided by our partner Novalnet AG, you will be asked in the ordering process to agree to provide data required for payment processing and for identity and credit checks conducted by Novalnet. After your approval, your data (first and last name, street, house number, postcode, place, date of birth, telephone number and bank account details for Direct Debit) and other data associated with your order will be transmitted to Novalnet.

For the purpose of distinct identity and credit check, Novalnet or a Partner company authorized by Novalnet, transmits data to credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus) and obtains from these information and if necessary additional information on credit checks based on mathematical and statistical methods. This credit check is influenced by your place of residence. Detailed information on this and employed credit agencies can be found in Novalnet’s privacy policy [Link to].

Furthermore Novalnet utilizes when necessary a third party for the settlement and prevention of fraud. Data gained from this third party is encrypted so that the stored data is only accessible to Novalnet. This data will only be used when you select a payment option in cooperation with Novalnet, otherwise the data will automatically expire after 30 minutes.



PayPal is the online payment service that allows you to securely, quickly and easily pay for goods in the online shop - with no extra charge. 

Secure: Your bank or credit card details are only available to PayPal. They are therefore not sent via the internet every time you wish to make a purchase.

Simple: You can pay with two clicks. You can simply call up the credit card or bank details that you have saved with PayPal so you don’t need to re-enter them every time.

Quick: PayPal payments are transferred quickly, so the products can be sent to you right away. 


You already have a PayPal account?

You will be redirected to a PayPal page during the payment process. Once the payment has been completed, click the button that takes you back to our site. Note: Please remember that your PayPal account needs to have the required balance to successfully complete the transaction. 


You don’t have a PayPal account?

In order to ensure a smooth payment process, you should set up a PayPal account before placing your order in the online shop Sign up and using PayPal: Open a PayPal account at Connect your bank account or credit card with your PayPal account. You are ready to start paying with PayPal.




We accept the following credit cards:




Your credit card will only be charged after the shipment of your order.

The entry of a card verification number (CVC2 or CVC2 number) is mandatory for internet transactions that use credit card payments. This number is not stored on the magnetic strip of the credit card and will not be printed on any payment receipts. By asking for the verification number, we make sure that the customer has its credit card in front of him and that no false or stolen credit card numbers are used by third parties. The card verification number on a Visa and Mastercard is a three digit number that can be found at the top right part of the signature strip, next to the sometimes repeated credit card number.

Data security: Your data is encrypted for transfer using an SSL server to ensure the safety of your credit card details. This protects you from any unauthorised third party access.

The following regulation applies to all credit card payments: You may appeal to your credit card institution if there is any credit card misuse by an unauthorised person. 




When using the pre-payment method, you will receive our bank details for the bank transfer in your order confirmation. Once the due amount has been transferred to our account, your order will be dispatched immediately. Please note that we will cancel your order, if the outstanding payment will not be transferred within the given time limit. 

Our bank details are: 

Recipient: TRENDY GmbH

Bank: Postbank

IBAN: DE73 7601 0085 0106 4948 52


Creditor Identifier: DE22ZZZ00002024157