About Us

We from Trendy Label are keen on fashion. Because we know that through fashion, ladies express their personality and femininity.

We are focus on creating modern and contemporary collections with own style. And we are proud to propose our customers silhouettes with personal touch and style in both haute couture and everyday clothing; products with high quality and good balance between trendy and practical.  

We are working with experienced and motivated progressive designers of clothes and shoes for create collections which are trendy, stylish and elegant. With high quality fabrics and materials from Italy and other EU countries.


Trendy Label Love Shoes

Trendy Label Modeling Department has years of experience and access to the latest fashion trends in footwear production. This includes know-how on: shoe design, a variety of upper, Lining and inner and outer sole materials. Trendy label shoes are made with high quality leathers and innovative materials from biggest manufacturers from the "queen of fashion" – Italy. Trendy Label designers aim to create beautiful, elegant, stylish, yet really comfortable shoes.


Trendy Label Love Cloths  

Our fashion designers creating female cloths and handmade handbags which are mixture of trendy, sophisticated and contemporary. Whether you need to find a special look, or you just want to browse on your own, you can do it on trendylabel.com. We do believe that “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. Following that credo, Trendy Label fashion designers creating unique models with elegant female silhouettes, and we producing them from high quality textiles from Italy.


Trendy Label Exclusive

We, in  Trendy Label, do believe that every woman deserves to wear stylish, elegant and comfortable clothes and shoes, created with inspiration and produced with attention to every detail. For ladies who are really keen on fashion, and following the latest trends, we created TRENDY LABEL EXCLUSIVE.

Under this brand you can find our special designer's collections - wide range of models with extravagant, classic, casual silhouettes. These are outfits created with personal touch, produced from high quality fabrics, including innovative ones, and with hand-made finishes. Browse for our exclusive custom-fitted clothing, made with extreme attention to details & accents, and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers of Trendy Label, often using hand-executed techniques. For these series we are using 100% natural fabrics - cotton, linen, silk, wool, leather, lace - and high quality taffeta, viscose, polyamide, others.

TRENDY LABEL EXCLUSIVE shoes and handbags, which are distinguished with its unique design, we are producing with numerous handmade operations, from best natural leathers. Models speak for themselves.